dear salty sailor,

hello love,

really exhausted. all is well. happy. busy. busy. busy. beautiful outdoor days. need you to come home. soon. can’t wait. love.

took darla to the pet store and movies for an M day. we saw cars 2. played air hockey in the arcade and took our pictures in the photo booth.

darla’s attempt at tracing the letter m on the chalkboard

posting and receiving mail. thanks aunt marti! darla loves the bat and book and has dubbed the bat “freddie the fruit bat.”

well, um, she found this and put it on during laundry day and proceeded to reenact the scene from goonies in which brand stretches his exercise equipment and then gets tied up by the other boys. she’s a goonie.

running the bases with burkeybuns. you can’t see it that well but i wrote D + A = ? in the sand. i’m sure you can figure out why.

she’s really just the best. my heart on two legs. yep, my heart has two legs, two arms, one adorable face and an incredibly loud mouth.

Gickr.comshe’s still climbing stuff like a good snuggle monkey outta

we found that missing panda from zanesville. is that too inappropriate?

these last three are from our beautiful little lunch spot in the park. just can not get enough of this autumn afternoon sun.

that’s our week thus far. plus some other things like bike rides, a trip to cosi and library and a burkeybuns dinner/sleepover hangout. now we’re getting geared up for various halloween activities and a trip to good ol’ indiana. darla is very excited about her halloween costume and i can’t wait to show you some cute pics. i wanted to send these pics off to you before i add another fifty from this weekend.

sending you lots of love vibes. really just can not wait for you to be a part of this fun frenzy again.



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