what really happened

the weather made a liar out of me yesterday. it turned sunny and warm abruptly. after darla had paraded around the house making messes and climbing every piece of furniture we own, just enough to make me truly, truly afraid of those upcoming housebound months, i pulled the trigger and got us on a bike ride. we had a picnic lunch over the river and spent some time examining driftwood.

this tree stump was by far the coolest find.

so yesterday was a practice of patience, adaptation, and finding the beauty in all this rain. these past few months have really made me skittish about getting started on schooling. it’s days like yesterday that set my wheels spinning about homeschooling or unschooling. darla is not going to get these kind of hands on learning opportunities sitting in a classroom. i really have no idea what path to choose. for right now, i just have to be thankful for the time i’ve had thus far to be her educator, her full time parent, a stay at home mom.

today is back to cold and wet, by the way.


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