Dear Salty Sailor,

what did we even do this week? i can’t remember much. i think i blacked out the whole entire day on tuesday. i know i got to see your handsome face twice and that’s about all i remember. awwww. i miss you so much and seeing you two days in a row really helped.

other things that made the week radical – lovely biking weather. a day with the burkeybuns family at cosi where darla and adam controlled their wrath for a good 2 1/2 hours before unleashing. that is a big success in my book. running into josh and clare bear at cosi. sat in on new client interview with jenna. she was so very kind to extend the offer to me and i’ve learned a lot from observing. what else? darla and i tried Winans, the new chocolate shop on 3rd just north of the park. hot chocolate for her and caramel apple cider for me but we shared. ahhh. life has been really good. i’m really very happy. just tired. and missing my pardner.

funny hilariousness spewing from our child this week:

“i watched peewee this morning, mom. it’s not normal.”

one morn we saw a caterpillar on the ground. she grabbed a handful of grass and told me she couldn’t come inside yet b/c she had to “cover up this poor little creature.”

“boys and girls can both be humans.” she says this A LOT now and i don’t really know where it is stemming from.

last night while we cuddled on the couch – “mommy, you have to have me.” “what do you mean, love?” “you have to have me with you at all times.” oh my gosh just melts my heart like butter. mmm butter. yeah, irish breakfast butter. i think that would be my heart butter.

on wednesday we went to cosi. we started the trip on the bike but had a minor fiasco when 3/4 of the way there the scioto mile trail was closed down for some repaving and i had to turn all the way around and go back to front street. at that point i just said hells bells and biked back home b/c i am NOT in good enough shape to cycle 8 miles, yet. plus we were running extremely late. to top it all off, darla had a conniption fit when we turned around. i couldn’t seem to convince her that we were, in fact, still going to cosi. maybe she just couldn’t understand me through all the wheezing. once we made it there our world (w)righted itself. sarah and i chilled while the kids ran around the dora and diego exhibit. darla even photo bombed once! i’d have to say it was my proudest moment as a mother thus far. anywho-ha, we ran into josh and clare and then we wrangled all the kiddos to go see posiedon. while in the oceans exhibit we spent a few minutes looking at the water vortex display. then on thurs she was sitting in the back of the car on the way to gymnastics shaking her sippy cup so all the water swirled around. when we parked she looked up and said “it looks just like a tornado mom. it’s a vortex.”

we’ll pause for photos and then there will be pity party after the break.

anybody else wanna get in on this hot chocolate mouth gargle? this last photo is when darla took our pumpkin over to meet the neighbors pumpkins.

this week has been hard on me mentally. it seems like your return is still so far away. it seems like there is so much still left for me to weave into the fabric of life these next few weeks. so much needs to be planned and sorted and thought over and alllllll i want to do is DANCE, DANCE! and make romance. wink wink.

i want a staycation. what i really want for christmas from you is a one night stay at a hotel by myself! i want to check in and sit down and read for hours and then maybe get my nails done and go and have a girls dinner and maybe do a little dancing and then be still be in bed by midnight and not have to wake up until 10 am at which time i will return to you and darla refreshed and replenished! can you put that in a box with a bow on it? please?

i’m done complaining. i know all i really need is you. i know all i really need is cosmic cousin visit starting in just a few hours. i know that all i really need is… to DANCE, DANCE. and make romance.

that’s all i got for you. i hope it gets you through another week. sending you all our love. and darla sends a butt pinch.

xo, wifey


One thought on “Dear Salty Sailor,

  1. I think Darla’s commentary about boys and girls being human may be from the Ponya movie. Something like that is said when the fish Ponya converts to the girl Ponya. Something about the fish can become human boy or girl but not sure of the exact words.

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