what i bought on the internet this week REVISED

last week darla and i made new friends.

translation: darla and i ran into a father and his daughter several times last week in various locations. each time darla stalked the little girl and forced herself into their world until it was apparent that the father, chris, and i should meet and become friends. i’m ok with that. kids are good icebreakers. and so far darla’s judgement has been spot on. we got meg, cory and elsa out of the last deal.

each time we met chris was toting a sketchpad and various drawing implements. also whiteout. darla’s mind was scrambled by white out. he was kind enough to show her how the liquid correcting fluid works. in eventually unfurled that chris draws a daily comic based on his day with his daughter, mabel. he has a project on kickstarter to try and self-publish a book of all the comics he’s done for mabel and his deadline is almost up.

today i donated. i think his project is totally rad and i can just imagine how cool mabel will think it is someday when she sees her childhood recorded in such a creative fashion. she’s gonna be all like “my dad was so (insert some futuristic term for cool).” i wish i had the skillz to do something like that for darla. you can check out his stuff at chrismonday.com. it reminds me a little of crappy pictures but a little more advanced and on acid.

i hope all my graphic designer friends will put this idea in their back pocket and do something like this when they have kids. i say WHEN because if i have anything to do with it they’ll all be pushing them out in like 2-3 years.

i also hope we continue to run into chris in mabel. they were some cool peeps. a regular sized peep and one little small peep. i’m sure chris doesn’t really look forward to running into us again b/c darla has managed to incite mabel into her tornado fury both times but i hope the kisses and hugs that darla freely doled out to them made up for it a little bit.

also i just like to say mabel. darla, mabel, elsa….these kids have the best names!


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