what i wouldn’t give…

i’m convinced my world would be revolutionized if i could just become a morning person.

no matter what time mike goes to bed he’s always up by 6 am, at the latest. i saw the sun rise every day this past weekend and i thoroughly love the feeling of getting myself going with the break o’ day. but, somehow i just cannot get my internal clock to reprogram. as soon as i get darla down it’s like i have the first chance all day to think my own thoughts and work on my own projects and if i don’t get them all done right when i think of them then their gonna die right along with my soul!

i’m tired. i’m tired of doing this all by myself and it’s not even the halfway point. i’m tired of not being able to wind down my windmills until 2 am and then being up at 7 with a toddler who’s had 11 hours of sleep. i’m tired of wishing that i could be different. i’m tired of trying to figure out how to change it and i need to start focusing on how to use it.

that’s all. just a little complaint session. you can all go about your lives as normal.


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