other than seeing A Birth Story, my weekend was pretty much contained in my household. i am fine with this because it grossly rained all weekend. i did attend another kickbutt boot camp that has left me sore even today. this is good. sore is the new sexy. pinterest told me that. a few projects from the weekend:
food colorwatermelonmixer


1.  a food color and coffee filter bunting project hubster and darla came up with  2.  more water infusions. i’ve been experimenting and so far i like cucumber and watermelon the best. wonderfully delicious  3. bread baking attempts. it’s taken me a year to make good on my bread baking resolution but i’m getting in the swing of it. my yeast creations { yes, i just said that } need help, though. anyone have any good recipes?  4.  a little project i’m working on for an upcoming weekend.

yeah, that’s pretty much it other than lots of pretending to be harry potter and dance parties.

thanks for catching up with us.