a year of less:

less attention to the things that don’t matter. less expectations. less plastic. less time spent with people i find to be unsupportive, judgemental, and uninspiring. less laundry. less time in stores buying things i don’t need. less things i don’t need. less { fewer, i know, but we have a theme going on } lights left on. less hurried walks. less worry over things out of my control. less doubt. less time stuck in traffic. less red meat. less naysaying. less comparisons. less yelling. less time spent in my future and past mental lifescapes. less sugar {artificial sweetners included}. less time spent on my hair…which will be big for me. less frustration about where I THINK my path should take me. less facebook rabbit hole. less frustration, period. less mental re-hash. less alcohol. less caffeine, maybe.  less pinching of that fat around my stomach wishing it would go away. less procrastination. less freak out over turning 30. less fear.

a lot less fear.



a year of more:

more attention to the things that truly matter to me. more sleep. more books. more picnics on sunny days. more cleansing breaths. more crying when i feel like it. more gratitude. more naps. more nourishment. more hikes. more traveling. more music. more quiet spaces. more time alone. more time with friends. more bike rides. more lemonade. more laughing till it hurts. more phone calls. more love. more hugs. more support. more babies being born. more growing families. more dirt. more work. more cheese, of all types. more cartwheels. more push-ups. more baking. more snuggling. more frozen yogurt. more note cards. more family gatherings. more movie nights. more money struggles. more reading. more listening. more self-care. more yeses. more sympathy. more nights under a starry sky. more singing. more visits. more shiny, LOTS more. more dreaming. more scheming. more bedtime stories. more butter.

yes, more butter.