it’s an ongoing discussion in our house about the proper use of the furniture. most objects in life become darla’s personal trampoline.

i just put on a movie for her after lunch and removed myself to the kitchen because for the love of zeus i need to get some stuff done. i heard her jumping but decided to just let it go for today. shortly thereafter she came running into the kitchen visibly excited and exclaimed “i wish everyday could be just like today!”

“what do you mean?”

“i wish i could jump on the cushions everyday! it makes life so wonderful!”

oh geez. is it really that big of a deal if i let her jump on the couch. it’s old and busted up anyway. why do i make such a big deal about it on a regular basis? do i need to continue to set the boundary of no jumping on the furniture or do i need to give it up as one less thing i need to control?

if anyone has any ideas let me know.

ps. she kinda regulated herself after a couple minutes and moved the cushions onto the floor and jumped on those. maybe the universe is trying to remind me that things work themselves out when i just let go.