photo F0B752C3-DBA9-4CB8-9676-ECC33E8FC9F5-6927-000008960ADF622A_zps1ea2b062.jpg

^^^i could do senses based just on this photo, as suggested by my friend katie, {yes, even taste was covered since darla found some sprinkles on the ground and then ate them} ^^^

but i won’t because i want to do them based on last night’s babes & bracelets at my house!

wine, pizza rolls, friendship bracelets and clueless. classic.

 photo A34114B2-71B6-40E2-9CE6-237F518D0A8E-6927-0000089616C714A8_zps25d714e2.jpg photo DE174523-9CB0-43E4-8202-40B06CBDAC27-6927-0000089635EBCB72_zps52d00eef.jpg

touch: tactile textiles…making friendship bracelets.

taste: pizza rolls and wine are good together. for sure.

sight: clueless, obviously. i watched it three times last night. in a row. LOVE THAT MOVIE.

smell:  cookie dough baking. “whenever a boy comes over you should always have something baking.”

sound: the mighty, might bosstones. yeah.

ps. thanks to all the lovely ladies who joined and thanks to my husband for evacuating the premises. also, i have tons of floss and the movie still at my house so i will probs be recreating this event every single night if anyone wants to come join me.