you know there was a time in my life when i went full steam ahead from one activity to the next. i thought life was to be measured by the number of places i could visit, or concerts i attended. i thought i had to be “doing” something to make my life notable.

becoming a mother slowed me down and made me take time to focus on things other than what new restaurant i went to or what band i saw. although those things are still a part of my world, they no longer have the emphasis they once did. i’ve sharpened the skill of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. this skill has given me the gift of being happy in the moment and i believe another name for that feeling is contentment.

these are my extraordinary ordinary moments. these are my moments of simplicity that i hope to look back on when i’m older and be reminded that my life was bursting with wonderful experiences and i was at my best when i could see the magic in the everyday.


the enthusiasm and excitement on darla’s face when she saw her new bed. she said “i have a whole new view on the world from up here!” and she told me she might not even need her dreamcatcher anymore since “bad dreams probably can’t reach all the way up here.” she seems to really love spending time in her own space now and that was what we were hoping for her. with all the new changes about to come, it’s nice to know she’ll have a special space of her own to retreat to and *fingers-crossed* cultivate some more independence.


watching her show off her new hula hoop and practice her hooping skills.


pulling up some of the first of the harvest from our own garden and slicing up a bowl of crunchy radishes for darla as a snack at her request.


preparing a special corner. i spent time gazing into this corner wondering just what my future holds in these next few weeks.


celebrating husbeau’s radness and dadness.


laughing at the absurd number of pillows required to provide a good night’s rest at this point in pregnancy.

darla new bed
fort hangoutforts and recordshoop skillz
garden radish
radish eater birth cornerbirth cornermike bike father's day gift pregnancy pillow fort

i also want to remember the wonderful simplicity of baby shower brunch with friends and the generosity of yet another visit from my parents. i want to remember that i couldn’t stop talking about the weather all weekend because it was simply gorgeous. i want to remember how good it tastes to make muffins with cream instead of milk.

these are good, ordinary days.

* i hope you enjoyed some good, good days of your own this weekend *



rad dad


i hope everyone had a wonderful father’s day. i’m a day late posting but that’s the story of my life and my brain. i wanted to share this pic of mike and darla. it’s my favorite picture of the two of them and it show’s off his radness and dadness quite well. it was taken the weekend before father’s day last year.

father’s day is an important day in wrucker family history. mike was at sea when i found out i was growing a baby darla. on this particular tour we were only able to talk every 2 weeks. he had satellite email so i sent him a message telling him i had news. a funny little tangent to the story that i’m going to go ahead and disclose because the internet has infinite space for my words is this: my roommate said he was going to be able to tell from my email that i was pregnant. i told her that he would just think we had found a new apartment closer to him.  when he received the email his ship-buddy called it that i was in a family way. mike told him he thought the news would be that i had found an apartment closer to him. it turned out everyone was right in this scenario.

so, mike got into port on father’s day which i believe was june 15, 2008. he finally called after a week of my knowing and i told him. his first full sentence after was “so are we shotgunning this or what?”  seriously the most romantic man on the planet. in all honesty, it’s a completely endearing moment in my memory.

then, mike met up with friends that lived near his port, met their little one that was less than a year old and witnessed his friend as a dad for the first time. i think we both think back on the whole life event and marvel at how divine and cosmic the circumstances turned out to be.

and now we are 5 years down the road and it blows my mind a little bit. i like to pretend i’m a dorian gray, never-aging being and somehow i have a 4.5 year old daughter with a man i’ve known for 6 years. it all seems closer than that.  objects in the mirror may appear closer than they are.

yes. that WAS a meatloaf reference. sorry for tainting your tribute, husbeau.

so let me finish, here:

mike, you’ve always been a good dad. things have never been easy for us but we’ve had a lot of fun and a lot of love along the way. i want to tell you that the father i’ve witnessed you become in the past year has earned you the status of GREAT dad. i’m not sure which level comes after this but i’m quite sure that if you keep doing what you’re doing we’ll find out. insert video game reference and love emoticon.

fahder’s day

hope you all had a great father’s day. darla came back from her weekend at the grandparents so that made it a pretty fun day.




we started the day with a pancake breakfast and then met up with my parents for lunch and ice cream. it was nice to be around two pretty great fathers. darla is one lucky girl.

in other weekend happenings, we saw lindsey buckingham at the southern theater on saturday night and tried out the jury room for the first time.



hope you had a good weekend!