family field trip: native americans and tacos

Look! we do cool things!¬†we visited the eiteljorg while in indianapolis again and it might be my most favorite museum ever because all of these things are there right now: western art, beaded headdresses, bedazzled babywearing, george harrison’s guitar, dreamcatchers, history, and tacos. really, really boss tacos. i was once again inspired by the western color scheme. and the beads. and the feathers. ohhh the beads and feathers.

 photo D56306B4-68B3-4A72-B832-1A7469E9DB4A-8431-000009D018F36437_zpsbcb1adb0.jpg photo E0D4AE81-D79D-46E6-8396-7FAAA7C752A6-8431-000009D04975513F_zps55dfac21.jpg photo A6828AB0-BB35-4AF1-8056-E49399549750-8431-000009D0CFD708F2_zpscc12df0a.jpg photo 6B41787C-34F9-4576-91DC-D6F79AE0715F-8431-000009D0C0B4ED2C_zps4ab05291.jpg

^^^ jim irsay’s guitar collection on display ^^^


beaded babywearing!!!

 photo 3250E0DF-D7B1-4433-AF8A-BB423624CEF1-8431-000009D104488943_zpsffd60898.jpg photo B683F30E-54AA-4CFC-A8FA-F699F58A97AB-8431-000009D1134D8E4B_zpsc0085c4b.jpg photo 42C119AA-B7F7-4930-8AD6-D7A36950330F-8431-000009D11F83550A_zps0c33bb66.jpg

giving ourselves experiences and not items. and tacos. giving ourselves tacos.

ok. disclosure: i didn’t actually get the tacos this time. their tacos are extremely delicious but i got the nachos. the nachos were equally as good. Family Field Trip Tip: get the nachos. For $9 you can feed 3 members of your family {if one member of your family chooses to eat about only 4 bites and then use the remainder of lunch time to whine about not being on the patio}. you’re welcome.


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local natives

i almost laugh when i look at these pics from our visit to the eiteljorg museum this past weekend while in indianapolis for my cousin’s wedding fest. you’d never tell by looking at them that we had a 3-year-old repeatedly telling us she wanted to “get out of here!” and throwing tantrums every 5 min. this is a visual example of how i have these expectations for how our excursions are going to go and then…someone has a breakdown.

it’s beyond my comprehension. i mean, i just don’t understand how someone could be upset in the presence of a tipi. i really don’t.

alas, the problem turned out to be a blood sugar one. it’s pretty nice to have a child that can tell you what is troubling her now. and i’ll tell you what. those tantrums were worth the half a beef taco i got to scarf down as a result. eiteljorg! them’s some tasty bites!

we lucked out because the museum was holding dia de los muertos (cousin and i agree this is the coolest holiday all year) activities for the day. we sat in on different dance troupes performing traditional dances from dia de los muertos celebrations throughout mexico. it was soooooo cool. darla even got up enough nerve to jump in and participate. imagine that.

so, even if we did deal with some slight attitude and darla’s unwillingness to participate in the family photo ( see below ) it was still a winner of a day. look….there was basket weaving! and babywearing! darla and i got to practice wrapping up a baby bundle for a cradleboard carrier. i wish i had thought to take a picture. i think i may just opt for a finely beaded baby carrier next time :)

native babywearingweaving

dia de los muertosdarla dia de los muertos

fam pic

and really, REALLY, any day that results in darla taking a little nappy-poo is golden in my book. she napped and had a grand time on the dance floor at cousin’s wedding. it was a good day.