eenie meenie miney moe

my opinion of the piercing of the lobes falls in line with the majority of you. we’ll be waiting until miss darla realizes it’s a personal choice she can make for herself. at this point, i don’t think she even knows that little girls can get their ears pierced; only grown up ladies.

my mother waited for me and i’ll do the same for darla. i’m glad we didn’t wait too long though because if i had made it until i was out of high school i probably never would have had it done. the thought of shoving a piece of metal through my body now makes me quite queasy. i know i’m being a bit histrionic with that.

but, since we don’t have any cultural ties to an early ear piercing, i’m sure darla will ask sometime in her early school years and we’ll make a day out of it just as some of you have described. i like that.

i think it will be a good introduction to the idea that it is her body, her choice.

drum roll….

happygrape2 is the winner of the ornamental things earrings. that should make you happiergrape2.


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thanks to everyone for your comments and, as always, for reading MomJeanz. xo.