dear internet friends

time for our weekly update.

well i guess the biggest news would be that we’re moving to a new place in just a few weeks. yay!

and now it’s sunk in that we have to start packing things in boxes during the holidays. but we’ll get through it. i keep telling myself it won’t be that stressful. ha.

we’ve done lots of normal everyday things. i wish i had more excitement to reveal but it’s been pretty low key which has been nice. most of my excitement has come in the form of finally, FINALLY, i-know-meg-buzzi-i-know finally, checking into the friday night lights scene.

here’s some of the normalcy:

1 & 2 on a kiddie date. one of the reasons i love this man is he’s always willing to be right in it. 3 chicken hobos. i love wintertime hefty heartiness.


after darla’s last gymnastics class we decided to hit up smith’s restaurant in clintonville. the place is retro radical! the food held up, as well. darla had fun playing with the vintage decor and also asserting her independence.

1 distancing herself at an early age  2, 3 & 4 weight and fortune machine. i masterminded the question but her answer was perfect.



also i just want to point out that “am i too emotional” is sandwiched between “should i buy a new hat” and “should i pay off all my debt” hmmmm.


5  i really really really want a vintage range.


6  officially the cutest pjs she’s had to date. i’m glad i got them a size too big because i’m never going to let her take them off. ever. also boober fraggle is her new best friend. this requires a lot of hand puppeteering on mike’s part so it’s a little effort intensive around here right now. but boober gets her to do things she’d never EVER concede to doing for us so it’s worth it in the end.

one of the funny things darla told mike the other day was that he’s “going fat.” this is not the case but it was a pretty hilarious response to mike’s second helpings at the dinner table. i asked her this morning who her family is and she first named our nuclear family, then extended family and then she continued on to name lots of family friends. i don’t think this is an accident. it was our aim that she see our friends as family. it’s nice to know that foundation has been laid.

well, i’m off to clean and start the packing process which is really the purging process at this point. wish me luck. and have a wonderful weekend.


dinning out like a normal human, NBD

a much awaited dinner date with a girlyfriend has come and gone. now that it’s gone, i bet you wanna know how it went…

darla did these things in this particular order: threw a fit in the ordering line. spilled her entire cup of edamame on the floor. stood on her chair repeatedly. ran out the front door that was propped open for the gorgeous fall night. pinched a baby on the cheek. poked a complete stranger in the REAR END with a chopstick! attached herself to one of the lady waitstaff and kept running after her complete with the leg cling (another total stranger, mind you. i just know she’s gonna climb in the back of a van someday when offered a sucker). repeatedly slid down the back of the booth bench seating. refused to wear her shoes at the table. stole carly’s tortilla chips. probably only ate a combined total of 5 bites as dinner and, drum roll, yelled HEY STOP YOU STUPID JERK at an oncoming car while we said our goodbyes on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.

(by the way i am chuckling heartily at the memory of this last one as i type.)


they poured me the wrong kind of wine at dinner so they gave me two for the price of one. those glasses look half full and not half empty to me! soooooo….that makes the evening a success in my book. CHEERS!

also, at bedtime she told me she likes me and i’m a fun mom. she has some redeeming qualities. thank you, darla, for keeping my life interesting. as infuriating as your antics can be at times, it’s your spiciness that i love the most about your personality.