i took a bit of a technology break this weekend to focus on family and Waltzgiving so no pics of anything :( ¬†but we had a great weekend all the same. great weather! and lots and lots of fun and friends at Waltzgiving. and great food. we inherited some tasty dishes. very thankful i won’t be needing to cook for a few days. yeaaaaaahhhhh.

the break from interwebs lead to some thoughts. deep thoughts. here:

i think i’ve spent far too much time putting pressure on myself to “create” the life path that i want to take. i think i finally understand that the path of my life is already out there. everything i want is already out there in the universe and it’s just up to me to find it.

that is so liberating. to know that i don’t have to create or force¬†anything to happen. it’s already out there for the taking. i just have to seek it. i just have to work on getting in tune with what that path is.

i know this is easier said than done and i don’t think this means it’s any less work. i can just attest to the alleviation of mental and emotional stress with this new personal mantra.

i also have come to realize that finding this path and exacting the life i want to lead is not going to come from working on my weaknesses. it’s going to come from building and bolstering my strengths. i’ve spent so much time trying to fix my weaknesses that i’ve damn near forgotten what my strengths are.

it’s not all up to me. fixing my flaws are not all up to me. maybe they’re there for a reason. creating a life path isn’t up to me but living the path that is out there for me to the fullest is.