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egg nog fingerswhat do you like to dip your chips in? egg nog??

conference with dadconference with dad

winter solstice

celebrating winter solstice

ear muffs

this is how she covers her ears while making shakes with dad

art project?art project?

these are her latest “art projects.” somewhere along the line she’s gotten it into her head that markers + tape = art project. maybe it qualifies as found object art.

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flash mob breast feeding

drunk history christmas

teaching about gender

columbus historical society to invade COSI

dadisthenewmom 12 reviews of christmas: start here

and just a couple more wonderful things that i love:

looooook at the woooonderful co-sleeping bed booook via peaceful parenting. designed by photographer Yusuke Suzuki for her own co-sleeping family.

and if any of you are printing out your gift tags, especially if you’re gifting to me, here ya go:

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Attached Adventures: Keeping Calm & Connected During Holiday Travel – Word of Mom – What To Expect Blogs

my friend, mary catherine, was invited to guest post on and her post was revealed yesterday.

the funny thing is the whattoexpect people linked her pro co-sleeping advice to an anti co-sleeping article they had previously written instead of using the links and information she provided for them. hmmm. wish i could say this surprises me but i should start a book called What to Expect from the What to Expect Franchise.

her writing and advice are both noteworthy. please read if you’re expecting, new parents or seasoned parents that wish you could get back into your go-get ’em lifestyle. we practiced babywearing, co-sleeping and on demand feeding with darla. the end result = a child who knows her way around an airport and is familiar with road trip protocol. 10 roundtrip flights before age 3 ain’t to shabby.

if i can say anything about us wruckers, it’s that we’re flexible. even down to our littlest wrucker. all these practices helped us maintain a flexible household. here’s mary catherine’s article:

Attached Adventures: Keeping Calm & Connected During Holiday Travel – Word of Mom – What To Expect Blogs.

also, here’s a link to safe tips for co-sleeping.