30th birthday: dirtieth and flirtieth

the past couple days have been filled with love from near and far. it’s been pretty magical and wonderful and little tiring because, hey, i’m 30 now and i get tired easily. a friend said “welcome to your 30s. every birthday from here on out is celebrated with thin soup and early bedtimes.” i can get used to that.

but 30 was GREAT. partly because i got tacos and buckeye cheesecake. partly because of the amazingly thoughtful gifts and cards i received. partly because i finished up the night with some really tasty margaritas and a great friend that understands my need to google amanda bynes, who coincidently shares my birthday.

mostly, it was great because i spent the day with two special little ladies. best buddies reunited. it makes me a little weepy to see how much they love each other. i’m lucky i got to spend my birthday with them, again.

 photo 821F8B63-360A-49F1-8848-E534DD08E211-33744-000022AD19184104_zps7481f058.jpg photo 7EC4AFD8-39B5-4F87-9AC1-CF7FAF8FA2A7-33744-000022AD240D44DC_zps2aaae40f.jpg photo CB747EF3-665D-49A8-97BD-9C15096BAB11-33744-000022AD2E8139D6_zps9d7bd538.jpg

^^^1. they switched coats and had a great time telling strangers about it.  2. special VIP treatment at the french loaf bakery. 3. playground doings. ^^^

thanks to all of you who made my 30th such a great one. sending love vibes out in all directions!!! a special thank you to my husbeau and mother. you both made my day filled with lovely surprises. i love you both dearly.