bump day

 photo D852457F-F824-4C5A-9AFE-470665A258F0-15435-000003C78C7A1D25_zps03c8970b.jpg

so here we are at a week + 2 post birth and i’m struck by how similar my belly looks to my baby’s. a little bulge of roundness in the center. the only real difference being more freckles on my part and more healing cord on hers.

truly, i miss my big belly. i’m in the minority of women that prefers their pregnant form to their non-gestating form. i must remember to gaze on this midsection with fondness for the home it provided for my girls.

i can already feel that fondness starting to fade. that’s why i think i need this series to continue through the 4th trimester.


4 thoughts on “bump day

  1. That is one of the cutest post-baby bellies I’ve ever seen!

    As AMAZING as this big belly is – and as INCREDIBLE of a home as it is for this little baby – AND as much as I’m going to miss the little kicks and flutters when she’s out…. week 37 is kicking my butt and I’m ready for the big belly to fade away.

    • Thank you! I hear you. The belly is such an emotional rollercoaster there at the end. Loving it but wishing it were all over so you could hold the baby but part of you wanting the babe to stay safe, secure and not scream-crying inside you and then PoOf! one day it’s all gone with little time to honor that transition…Good luck with these final weeks!

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