this weekend i got out walked quite a bit as i had hoped. it felt good. as i walked i said a mantra to myself: “my body is strong. my baby is strong.” i must have said it over 100 times to myself this weekend.

on my final walk of the weekend on sunday a deer came into my path, as deer sometimes do, and that deer told me i would be having my baby last night.


that deer was a gawd-damned liar.

i kid. i did see a dear deer and stopped to watch it forage for a while but it didn’t tell me anything. i internalized it as a sign that i would be meeting this person soon though. that all was as it should be.

and i made another decision this weekend. i know i said that bump day was officially put to rest but i’ve changed my mind. in celebration of these extra days i’ve had with this little one i’m declaring everyday bump day! yay! the internet needs to see more of my fleshy mid-region!!!!  see down there.

but i’ve decided i’m going to enjoy these days. and i’m going to document them. because i will most likely never experience pregnancy again and i need to bask in the generosity of these extra days.

i’m glad the universe held out for me until i came around to see that.

 photo 52DB9D91-FE46-4EE3-A3A7-74F4CEC102CD-20543-0000083BC71FA378_zps60fc1d78.jpg

 photo 845584E5-AA81-4421-ADC0-8634B0D4A670-20543-0000083BCD57819C_zps79b5a326.jpg

 photo 04557386-2A7D-4E72-8E98-882A6AB4321A-20543-0000083BBB5A0E11_zps6edc81e4.jpg




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