bump day

“as we grow older we should become not less radical but more so.”  margaret laurence ~ author


so i was struck with inspiration after seeing this in the feed of one of my instagram faves. i thought i would include this here for a little context and sort of as a warning sign.

if you think this photo is objectionable then you should probably “turn back while you still can. this is not the way. take heed and go no further.”

if you think this photo is awesome, incredibly poetic and quite humorous then you’re probably ok to proceed for this weeks bump day photos.



are nowhere near

as good as that gorgeous

photo up there though.


 flower belly  Flower belly


i absolutely love that quote. i feel that one of the gifts of womanhood is that many of us regain that whimsical and wild as we get older. i envision myself as an older woman, wearing about 15 turquoise necklaces and driving an el camino at age 75 just because i want to, dammit. but at this stage of my life what i can achieve is to radically and unabashedly love my body the way it is at this moment. a friend of mine once spoke about not bashing the way you look in photos right now because some day those are the photos you’re going to pull out and say “oh, if only i still looked so good.”  i know that even though i think i look unbelievably huge in these photos, i’ll be pulling them up in the future saying “oh, if only my belly was still so taught and full of life!”

my belly has really bloomed over the past week so the symbolism of the flower and this time of year combined with the quote held a special magic for me. i know these are really just pretty lame selfies i took in my bedroom but i love them just the same.

thanks for indulging my radical.


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