a big thank you

 photo C9FCC6C8-F68B-4D80-B278-804AF4F04F69-894-00000094DC433CAE_zps4a6d4aaa.jpg

once again the universe is a wonderful place. not because it’s mystical and magical but because there are wonderful people in it. i’ve always believed in voicing your needs and desires to the universe because someone will always hear you along the way. thank you for hearing me, whoever you are.

i want to send a very sincere thank you out to the anonymous donor who sponsored part of my trip to Life{dot}next. i couldn’t be happier or more thankful. i’m honored to be among the group of ladies attending. i promise i will enter the retreat wholeheartedly so i can let the full effects on the retreat work on my life. i already can’t wait until february!

thank you thank you thank you. and see you ladies in february!


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