photo CD6BCE28-F924-4242-BC28-A1BC8E8FFBCD-16021-00000CD371CDB9DC_zps284884cb.jpg photo 8ACE4F75-D7DF-4289-892E-3C4686C38F05-16021-00000CD66C76F514_zpsc1103618.jpg

darla’s art projects always end the same way…inking up her body. i know what the future holds. i was told “this is a cyclops and his girlfriend.” I would actually be thrilled if Darla got this tattooed later in life. I think I’d get a matching one.

i’ve struggled a bit with teaching d to write. other than her name and the word poop she hasn’t had much motivation to learn to form letters and any lesson we’ve done up until now has seemed pretty pushy to me.

reading up on the unschooling philosophies has taught me to sit back and wait for the teachable moments. i have relied on the confidence that darla will show interest when she is ready and motivated and we finally had one of those moments. i suggested making a welcome sign for my mom and d was very into the whole process. she even seemed to like the process we developed of practicing each letter twice before putting it on the sign. this was a good time! i realize this is not the greatest penmanship but i’m mostly jazzed about the effort and enthusiasm she had for this activity. i’m thankful to be learning to be gentle with the learning process. We’ve been writing pretend letters and books for a few months so I think a real interest in learning to write is write around the corner. {pun!}

we shall see.


One thought on “afternoon

  1. I love my Welcome Grandma sign. It was so delightful to see that and know she had made it and then to see how tickled she was that I liked it. AND it was awesome to help her prepare one to put up for Grandpa here. She is so amazing and I am so lucky to have this child as my grand baby and so lucky to have you as my daughter and you two are perfect for each other. I am so impressed by how well you work with her and guide her and care for her. I also think it awesome that you document all of this and some day she will be able to see these daily events again as you presented to the world. I feel so fortunate to be part of your world because you two are the most amazing humans on the planet. I have not found her book in my car or house and am sad to think that I may have left it at Steak and Shake. I am too forgetful these days and sad that I may have left her great work behind there. I will try to make up for it by providing opportunity for her to creat another book next time she visits….which I hope will be soon. Hoping that next doula baby delivery will create a reason to have her back…..

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