unschooling: ohio historical society indoor session

 photo BC64E82A-6A9E-4310-94D7-BB45CFB26122-5835-000004CE76A4719D_zps29971a6d.jpg photo 24E8FB45-F24F-4640-90CF-1CFAF50069E4-5835-000004CE86773FA6_zps52b38ea5.jpg photo 570635C2-5678-4537-979B-7DF310382290-5835-000004CE8C0B734D_zps5ade586c.jpg photo 68D2D210-DBCD-4D78-BB30-F53BDF513698-5835-000004CE7F0C2843_zpsc409b3f7.jpg


i’m going to begin this post with a pun. brace yourself.

i can really see myself in that vintage airstream.

oh gosh that’s good. you’re probably embarrassed now that you’re reading that.

but as a matter of fact i can see myself in that vintage bathing suit too. and in that vanity. wait, that’s you. i can see you in that vanity. but i can also see myself and envision a life buzzing about the sweet 50s modular home we toured at the ohio historical society last week. why was i born into the wrong decade?

i guess it’s because i was born when i was so i could birth you at the time you were born and everything is right as it should be. but i’ve never felt very attached to this time period. i’m nostalgic for things i never even experienced. this is weird. don’t be this way when you grow up.

anyway, i want you to know how much i enjoyed this day with you. there was so much to take in at the historical society. i loved watching you check out the 1950s home. i loved the somewhat disturbingly detailed scenario you were making up about it being your house as we went through. it’s pretty rad the entire exhibit was so interactive. at least i think it was…maybe we weren’t supposed to touch things, play with toys and put on clothes…but we did. i wonder if you’ll remember this day. can you stop whatever hover activity you’re doing right now as you read this and come tell me if you remember this day? thanks.

this is just half of the day. we spent the afternoon outside and i’ll post that for you separately.  and one last thing, since a future you is reading this, i hope you will have good news for me that i somehow managed to acquire that bathing suit and airstream from the past. i’m assuming there’s time travel. actually, this blog is a portal.


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