we’re going through a serious acrobatics phase over here. even more than usual. i’m guessing she’s just grown again and can now reach some things she wasn’t able to before but, geez, every time i turn around she’s on top of something new.

i do, however, appreciate the certain dramatic flair she’s got going on while performing these climbing acts. better’n cable television, i tell ya.

 photo 5B7427DB-C7C2-440E-A887-5B0D8CF957B2-896-000000A7DEF88574_zps7e6aa167.jpg
 photo 82215C83-159C-4A83-8F26-49D273BB37D4-896-000000A7E332C50B_zpsf7706325.jpg photo 0A571BFF-89C3-42B0-86C4-A282399B0908-896-000000A7E71C89B6_zps2b1894f9.jpg photo 0E8C4BF9-23E4-48EB-B677-B81FF8D6A1AC-896-000000A7EADF56B5_zps48cc5f52.jpg


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