this says weekending but it’s really just our friday night down at the commons for nick tolford & co. i’m telling you all, keep an eye on this band. we have seen them a couple of times this summer and they are so fun. mr. tolford’s tunes are a rumpus for my rump.

doesn’t this outing look like a good time? IT WAS! i fall more and more in love with the commons each time we go there. maybe because it’s another place where darla’s craziness doesn’t have to be contained as much. she can chase dogs and run around to her heart’s content. the set up makes it very easy for us to enjoy tunes with her. and who doesn’t love carousel rides and jeni’s push pops?

and i get to admire the large groups of friends that gather there and try to come up with strategies to make them all my friends…or clients. i see a lot of pregnant ladies down there and i’m still working up the courage to walk up and hand out a card. i’ve only done it a few times. do you think that would be received well? i’m thinking i need to have a conversation with a long-time doula about their experience with this approach. i generally like to let couples/mommas find me but maybe having a little more courage would do me a world of good.

something to think about.

so what about the rest of our weekend? we had a rainy saturday morning getting stuff done around the house, attended a friend’s birthday where darla stayed up way too late but it was all worth it because we got to watch her rap battle with a 35 grown male, a sunday pancake breakfast, a bit of work, enjoying the beautiful weather and extra books at bedtime.

i love you weekend.


One thought on “weekending

  1. I think you should totally walk right up to those Mamas to be and hand them a card. Obviously you’ve got something in common, you’re at the same place listening to the same music – good starting point. If at any time while I was pregnant someone had given me a card I would have at least looked them up. And besides, what do you have to lose? If they give you crazy looks you can just fade back in to the crowds…
    After following you here for a while I would never have thought you lacking in the courage department, you show tremendous courage here – now get out there and hand out some cards!!

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