unschooling: Scioto Audubon Park & Sanctuary

 photo 1D5DBAFA-0C2B-403A-A999-29D2B8086F3E-10406-00000877C42E812B_zpsee7050eb.jpg photo 73A7B7C1-1D19-4D60-B7E1-B3154E667A6F-10406-0000087350ED15C7_zpse09341f0.jpg photo 86A82E9C-0D73-4C2F-B927-9FB05F188B9B-10406-0000087370C2ED0E_zps39ff6958.jpg photo D362D909-3FF8-4B56-9D25-8A6A8E918AB8-10406-000008737BC240D5_zpsffa22753.jpg

this is my kind of classroom.

one of our unschooling field trips from last week was an old favorite, the scioto audubon park. we picked up this fantastic book at the library a few weeks back. the book highlights nature happenings per month. july’s page discusses animal and plant life at freshwater sources and my mind went immediately to the scioto audubon park. this park boast a river view, freshwater ponds as well as wetlands. we formed a plan of comparing page to real life and that’s what we did. i brought the book along with darla’s nature journal. we did a collaborative drawing of the river and darla chose to draw a turtle for herself. here’s her entry as she dictated to me:

it looks like dirty water that turtles swim in. it looks like they love the water. spiders live here, too. they make interesting webs and catch flies and i don’t like it one bit. the end. by darla. write my name.


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