balloon fight

 photo 15F00F54-7DBD-4980-A39D-C2A6890CCE93-9280-000007A19CE9BC9C_zpsa190e759.jpg photo 6948A5EA-87DB-443D-95EA-7F0E36A2DFC1-9280-000007A1A34E8B75_zps6c3fa30b.jpg photo DE12D460-A452-4A85-B1D6-34EF8559D90E-9280-000007A1972A3B55_zps174f5b01.jpg

darla requested a water balloon fight over the weekend. experiences like these make me cognizant of how happy i am that i’m a parent. it has been a really long time since my last water balloon fight. i have forgotten some of the simple pleasures in life that come flooding back in a whole new way when you’re experiencing them with your child. Like looking for worms, swinging, catching fireflies and water balloon fights.

is that what summer is about? is summer eternal childhood?

i think i would like to think of it that way for the rest of my days.


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