is this day camp?

no. no it’s not. well, it was for someone else’s kids. we just swooped in after the camp kids went to lunch and played all up in that shizz.

i promise this looks more peaceful and idyllic than it was. there were various gradients of dirt play with darla leading the pack in no shoes and worm wrangling. there were various gradients of child breakdowns with darla being the leader in that category, also.

but i got to hang out with two babies i saw borned of this world and i already mentioned that it turned out pretty in pictures. as long as my life looks good then i’m not really to hung up on the rest…

 photo 525DDDC1-2118-4952-AC43-83A90ED3D965-7928-0000061D1F038A37_zps194881c8.jpg photo DBB6BB4D-F498-4397-970F-C7DD89002E95-7928-0000061D2485EC08_zps07cba683.jpg photo B2EB0942-1CBF-440A-9044-2DD6AB95880B-7928-0000061D29B78CED_zps08ab25f9.jpg photo 552FDBCA-86C1-4427-A756-AAC248478020-7928-0000061D2E584A8A_zps382a554e.jpg

i just want to pause and mention how happy i am with the free-wheeling, unschool summer we’ve been having. even though the day was somewhat of an emotional failure i still walked away feeling accomplished, secure in the thought that my girl had learned and enjoyed and i really had a good time in the midst of the choas of 6 children. i just want to extend summer for all the days and explore our world. this city has an amazing parks system and i’ve got my sights set on experiencing some new places with my girl.

can it be summer camp forever???


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