learning to bowl

we took darla bowling for the first time this past weekend. the first two pics are the difference between the beginning of the night and the end. there was a marked difference in her attitude by the conclusion of the night. it probably had something to do with the fact that she beat me in bowling. legitimately beat me in our second game. the turning point of the outing was when she got her shoes. can’t say i blame her. bowling shoes are oddly awesome.

so, i’m experiencing millions of rifts in the time continuum with my daughter. taking her bowling at 4.5 is exactly like taking me bowling at that age. my grandfather used to take me and i remember my actions being identical to that of darla’s: not caring about the bowling but doing a cartwheel after every turn and being more interested in the arcade games than the bowling. she even focused on the exact same arcade game that was my white whale during the bowling trips.  i am speaking of the tantalizing coin push game that promises piles of money will be dropped into your had if your inserted coin falls in the right spot. yes.

 photo F97E1237-78AD-4571-A619-306FF90D392A-3527-00000266BD788139_zps8d567762.jpg

 photo AB3B7310-8FC2-4BB6-B239-CEF71AEB6E25-3527-00000266FF05D8CD_zps3e41178e.jpg

 photo E02BFFCA-CF78-493F-9F49-D217D6AEADA6-3527-00000266E5E2E411_zps509c6373.jpg
 photo 905BE126-3E5E-4E19-B8E5-6EB9D08A2746-3527-00000266EB530732_zpsaf4c83ff.jpg photo 885F6590-357A-4307-B714-B991160B9DC5-3527-00000266F0681B98_zps68427a77.jpg photo D96925BB-C96F-427A-B316-C5EF90525A96-3527-00000266F5A7BF70_zps0145add6.jpg photo 1A345E55-F677-4E19-9A81-4148E114F49F-3527-00000266FA4D3039_zps58f79880.jpg

 photo 3D61F023-AFC7-4E6B-A47A-A76D834603D5-4978-0000035F0CC1214D_zps9de003fb.jpg

i loved the outing even if I did lose to a 4yo. i’m not sweating it because i know she cheated and had my game rigged. i think she may have mob connections.

take a look at that last pic and tell me that’s not the face of a maniacal cheater.


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