photo 0230A42B-3D6F-46B0-87C0-F519D9457BA7-2865-000001E39252D20F_zps0c604c5a.jpg photo EA4ED525-269A-4474-A820-B1F4E7D56176-2865-000001E3A54B5DAA_zps26a81760.jpg photo 73D72991-6AF7-45D0-A86B-5671F6BB3600-2865-000001E3A0765268_zps76e97a58.jpg photo 816C8397-2FD2-4CCC-8896-75CC1ABDF969-2865-000001E39BB6530B_zps3b52a787.jpg

wanna see some blurry, not-very-good shots of our 4th? sure you do!

the highlights for me this year were the annual doo-dah parade and watching the columbus fireworks from a distance with a great group of people, big and little.

i hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. i will sign off with a quote from miss darla about sparklers:

“mom, did you know that sparklers are baby fireworks that haven’t grown their boom tails yet?”


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