life lately


i don’t really feel like i have much to contribute to society these days. i’m really worried about what all of you are going to do without my words of wisdom pouring forth to guide your daily lives. i just don’t know…

because currently i’m watching color me badd videos on youtube and having some 90s moments. my biggest ambition for the day is to get up to the library to see if they have 90210 in the dvd box set section. so you can see i’m reaching tall and setting goals high these days.

honestly, i’ve just really enjoyed a slower paced week. i’ve been sleeping a lot. i mean A LOT and it’s been good. and also there’s been bacon. and tacos. so, yeah, good stuff.

bits of our week and weekend:

 photo E96FAF34-9547-4480-A6DA-D88039237417-10118-00000B2DCCCBA2E6_zps77b701ee.jpg photo 3F4A8879-2885-47C0-9C93-9A7131B8C58E-10118-00000B2DC06C9615_zps3154cf76.jpg photo C03B99C4-970F-4D72-B4C2-F65BF5A25DC4-10118-00000B2DFEEC2461_zps37554824.jpg photo ED923681-A4AE-47C7-B168-AD68D8075B25-10118-00000B2DF1FA15BB_zpsfc81ec8c.jpg photo 807D6B59-BAC3-4D76-AFF9-7C2B170ACCBB-10118-00000B2DE59AA664_zps004a2df0.jpg photo A0697665-796F-4D94-832D-78D2B704761C-10118-00000B2DA9FE68B4_zpsa634cc52.jpg

picnic dinners in our new special place, darla painting some rocks for our garden and a little girl who asserts her right to wear fairy wings to school.


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