cool things…we do them sometimes.

here are some pics from junctionview’s last hurrah. darla was a superstar in the balloon room. so sad that a place this cool, within our walking distance, will be turned into a parking lot or a road or condos for happenin’ 60 year-olds or something of that lot. sad me.

but we had a good time there on saturday seeing friends, listening to some impressive local bands, and taking in some really very talented works. darla would like me to note that her favorite part was the cookie we bought her and the dolls with skulls as heads. of course…

 photo C1747F66-B4CF-4B27-B6DD-5FF5D045B85C-39989-0000275C8BC2CF92_zpsb5805df0.jpg
 photo D297AA34-5C3C-498F-89BD-C5DD6D0A905B-39989-0000275C96C25EDC_zpsba88b46b.jpg photo 134A2D47-5C9A-46AF-B8AB-ECA4CF27D8E0-39989-0000275CA040E204_zps81496839.jpg photo 33E7D018-0545-430A-B30C-EB802184474E-40109-00002770B952CFD3_zps6506a048.jpg photo 62E3FD7E-B5C9-447D-9A15-E38F09755857-39989-0000275CAC8E6419_zps156acb66.jpg photo CF9063F5-74B0-4EC6-8109-14E788041A62-39989-0000275CB4BDC68B_zps24de7264.jpg

^^^ and some way sweet pics darla took of me ^^^


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