a slightly eco-friendly easter

it was so long ago. why bring it up again now? well, i really like bragging about myself so i’m going to tell all of you how much better i was at saving the earth on easter than you were. in fact, the only person better at saving the earth than me on easter was JESUS.

i applied some zero waste principles to easter:

 photo 9ADE4C2F-3109-413A-88EB-C8B0102EACA9-34531-0000232AF1B02B42_zps4182da1e.jpg photo 2171DB42-66D9-4551-88D9-178F8DFD060D-34531-0000232B004C8CDD_zps27417f61.jpg photo 9E5ABB4F-91C2-4D04-B14E-FE83FF9E6E30-34531-0000232B0A9E0B3A_zpse7efaf05.jpg photo 54230298-6A6D-45E2-902B-DA64B2FE5797-34531-0000232B1376999F_zpsb6dce190.jpg

1. non-individually wrapped easter candy in a jar. forgo the fake grass, tissue paper and other trimmings. the non-individually wrapped is important and i’m planning on using this jar system for future holidays requiring candy but buying the candy from the bulk section. i think this will also help curb the amount of candy bought and brought into the house.

2. a couple pre-loved, spring friendly articles of clothing from the re-sale shop. i’ve made the decision to only get darker shades for pants from now on due to the smudged knees, dirt and grass stains that every kid deserves the freedom to get.

3. pastel, pre-owned popsicle molds. say good-bye to popsicle wrappers, boxes and sticks. our first round of homemade ones included frozen fruit, cherry juice, avocado, a bit of broccoli, flax seed meal and a smidge of honey.

4. these little ladies and the sidewalk chalk were new. i saw them and thought “now those are some princesses that i can embrace in our household.”  i took a few loads of old toys and clothes to goodwill & resale shops while darla was gone.  darla doesn’t like when i do this so naturally i only do it while she is away. my plan for making it fly this time was a note left behind from e. bunny saying he took the old stuff and brought her a few small items as a thank you for passing her old stuff on. he stroked her ego a little bit commending her on what a great thing she did by giving it away. laying some groundwork as i go, folks. it worked like a charm.

i hope this gives some of you ideas for future holiday celebrations in your own homes. progress not perfection!


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