waiting on a baby; birth doula style

i’ve been waiting patiently for that phone call. my client has been having her warm-up contractions for several days now. she’s well within her due month so, yes, it’s just a fun waiting game for baby and momma’s body to know what time is the right time.

i rightly declined a trip to indiana for an important family event and have been waiting to spring into action these past few days. i tried going to bed early in anticipation of getting up in the middle of the night. no call. i tried going to bed late thinking that it’s because i was going to bed too early and the universe wanted to catch me off guard. because clearly this is all about me here, right?

no call.

since neither of those tactics have worked so i’m just taking the time to mediate on my gratefulness that the momma is being a champ and patiently waiting through each of these warm-up episodes, trusting in her body and baby.

this is what i signed up for. i wouldn’t have it any other way, except that i’m really hoping my life path takes me closer to my family so i could be there for both my family and my clients. yes, i said it indiana folks. i put it out into the universe. i’m hoping someday i will be a HOOSIER again and help you all birth your babies. HOOSIER DOULA? {seriously indiana friends – who’s your doula?}

well, i haven’t tried going to bed in the afternoon yet so i think i’ll do that and see if that works. g’night!

ps. it’s fun watching me figure all this “doula stuff” out, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “waiting on a baby; birth doula style

  1. So I read this post and then found myself thinking “Indiana… oh she will be sort-of close to Ohio, I wonder if she’d make a trip out to Columbus…” (I couldn’t see myself making a doula travel like that, but it’s fun to dream) and then I looked at your About page to see where you are and YOU’RE IN COLUMBUS?!

    We are not anywhere close to pregnant yet, and aren’t planning on children for at least a few more years, but how cool! if you stick around or our plans make a big change, I am going to need to call you up!

  2. I don’t know if I have ever missed you as much as I have today….probably the day Darla was born…or the Super B owl sunday when you sat in ER right after Darla in DC and I was here I missed you more. But today was right up there with those two days. The service was amazing….Paul sang Irish Eyes (accompanied by Dave Bartoletti on piano) and we all joined in…the minister sang Our Father and somehow reincarnated Gene Autry’s voice to do so. Perry A. talked about how God waiting for us to come home to heaven is like parents waiting for grown children to come back from visits (and mentioned his girls Kate and Sarah who you shared a baby sitter with as a child). Maureen gave the MOST AWSOME tribute to Patti every and just nailed her life story…..did make a slide show but Maureen’s narration was the main event….and Marti read stories about the T-giving when Patti stole the turkey and hid out in garage. After burial we returned to church and enjoyed company of Jim’s family our extended family and our childhood neighorhood of childhood family. And we have spent the last several hours entertaining each other with songs, stories, dancing, chanting, Mike imitation of Shaun and also Mike’s new talent as a country song writer, Picture albums are here and of course all the gadgets. I hope others will post to facebook as I haven’t recorded any of it. Anthony has a collecction of Darla quotes he keeps in his gadget and one is story of Darla and her lobster sock full of heated rice to become a robot battery and the other her wish to be an air condisioner and you a bottle of water. I shared the coincidence of discoveirng another member of Erin’s wedding party in Maine in a Columbus restuarant. Oh how I miss you so much today….wish you were here every day but today most of all.

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