photo essay catch-up

that was a nice little respite, huh? full schedules, sickness and family togetherness prompted me to tone it down for a bit over here. it was nice. we had lots of regular moments that make me happy to look back upon.

i don’t know if the break from technology and social medianess accounts for my newfound feeling of personal growth but for whatever reason it’s there and it feels DAMN GOOD. things feel hopeful and promising around here. A good friend shared this mantra with me and i’ve been living it these past few days: “i acknowledge progress in any amount, at any time.”

here’s a few everyday details that have comprised life around here:

 photo 44A9E685-2A9F-44DB-BBBD-C745B2424868-23918-00001B633A85FA04_zps60256588.jpg photo 688CA5CC-48F5-472E-A9FA-FAE3122130F8-23918-00001B631F68C40C_zps74fd2c31.jpg photo A7AB8F8B-86B0-40C2-85B1-794492B1865A-23918-00001B6388BD24BB_zps95bddc82.jpg photo 44C61782-343C-4DA9-A358-FAA5C8363089-23918-00001B63D13792BB_zps0150cd39.jpg photo AA1EC1B1-BA26-40A3-9FBB-78BAB43AC4BC-23918-00001B63E32403D8_zps86284760.jpg photo ACDBE421-74F6-40B5-9DEB-18FD37345455-23918-00001B640B9526B9_zps51f97531.jpg photo 819E3286-114F-4129-AE8D-36B3F3225D99-23918-00001B6595053C1C_zps3d5a7fe6.jpg photo FA04FF65-D208-48A5-B32A-256C3031E421-23918-00001B6485710F56_zpsc2ef2894.jpg photo 3222734F-6E22-4B0E-9CC7-D28AC5FDCE8E-23918-00001B64AD62CE7B_zps6156465e.jpg photo EB1A1A04-BE2D-4C96-95E0-7331135897B7-23918-00001B651022ACCB_zps7c47675a.jpg photo F6BDA7D5-3ADF-424E-8047-4DB807CBEE01-23918-00001B64FD2D9D7B_zps7ee08590.jpg photo 86D8B952-F0AB-49D0-9384-BEF1976A1B39-23918-00001B658417E467_zps1fc54a6f.jpg photo AFFF21DA-B285-4E40-963E-BE08CCFD43B1-23918-00001B65662A64B5_zps52f2e15f.jpg photo 7FFC3C6B-048B-4686-802A-F8A943CBCC03-23918-00001B65AC95D7F8_zps2742e70b.jpg photo 9389A298-1600-4D09-AF47-C0C7983C0982-23918-00001B65BFA45AA1_zps69777703.jpg photo EF0E57D9-39E7-4A2A-9633-FDAD022F3D84-23918-00001B65E51B0258_zpsf68057ce.jpg photo 1C3A239C-F706-4840-8D6A-A659660F6ED1-23918-00001B65D0D242F8_zps6013c848.jpg

filling out calendars — husbeau and daughter’s savory monkey bread — solo coffee shop dates — collecting pallets for garden planting — spending time next to my parents’ fire — building forts — secret sweet snacks inside said fort — a little girl who is determined to dress herself in her own style — and learning to wink — mother + daughter movie date — documenting the times the girl insists she can only eat her dinner underneath this umbrella — and happily {read exasperated but willing to indulge the creative whim} obliging — lots of food projects in which the girl exclaims “this is going to messy and fun!” — treats that are not pinterest worthy but this is real life — darla’s visit from the root children for the 1st day of spring. they brought her sweet plums, flower seed packets and some glow in the dark bubbles — HDT and moving confidently in the direction of our dreams.

other thoughts,

we’re all looking forward to movement forward and new challenges around here. spring feels promising, huh? i haven’t felt this free and unafraid in a long time. this feeling is reminding me that sometimes the worst events in our lives are really our salvation.

speaking of bad events turned good: i’ve wanted to jump on the internet and rant somewhere about the disgustingness going around the country in response to the steubenville case. i’m glad i held back and waited for a perspective moment. A friend shared this link yesterday and after viewing it i felt so hopeful. while things have been disgusting this week, the future of women looks pretty damn good. With our gender turning out promising young ladies such as Lena Dunham and Tavi Gevinson we ARE getting some things, lots of things, right for these young ladies. This vid is about a year old but it blows my mind that any organic thoughts on feminism i’ve ever had pale next to the ideas of this high school student.

It’s time we all just admitted that the evolution of women is what is going to take us to the next level as a global society and a species.

and lastly,

there’s been a death in my family. i’m lucky enough to be involved in a spiritual program at this point in my life, without which i would probably be a guilt-ridden mess at the moment. fortunately, i’ve been focusing a part of myself on the connectedness of the universe for months now and i can feel how much it makes a difference during difficult times like these. i can’t say i subscribe to the idea that bad things happen to bring us closer to our higher power but i think that through that being we grow from difficult times. i think of my own relationship with my daughter in comparison. I don’t push her down on the ground so she will get hurt and therefore run to my arms for care and soothing. but when the eventuality of life trips her up or she takes a risk and falls then I am there with arms outstretched ready to receive her if she should need me. if she asks it of me. sometimes she needs a hug, kiss and a minute protected in my arms. sometimes she just needs a reassuring voice saying “i am here” and she dusts herself off and moves on. i feel this relationship deeply with my spirit of the universe at the moment. i will probably need a little of both levels of reassurance in the coming days and i’m happy to know it’s there if i ask of it.

that’s what happens when i go away for a few days. thanks for reading friends. sending love and positivity out to you all.


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