not yo’ cheese, my nacho cheese

 photo A150B347-F586-42ED-B863-F9AD9BE1C1F4-19356-0000153E7D6CCAEB_zps3457e180.jpg

i love postpartum visits! I have lucked out thus far and had really, really awesome clients.

i got to hold and cuddle a little baby this morning and at the end they gave me 6 pounds of nacho cheese as a thank you. SCORE!

i had shared with the couple that the only really craving i had during my pregnancy with darla was for fake nacho cheese product {other than the last few weeks when i had to have brown sugar poptarts with butter on the back every morning. so tasty}. nacho cheese product remains my achilles heel to this day. i love it. and now i can put it on everything!!!!

 i really can. did you see that? 0 grams of fat per serving.

i LOVE birth work.


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