photo 6DB37B20-4AE4-4996-889F-57A02A09CA64-12331-00000DE94B470592_zps4258a459.jpg

here’s this girl who made a bed for herself in our laundry basket. she’s trying to got to bed for the night at about 4pm. i have a new skill of getting her to bed, eager to go to bed, ASKING TO GO TO BED.  she has come to the age of being able to listen rationally now when we tell her she doesn’t sleep well and feel good in the morning if she goes to bed too late. she has nightmares sometimes and we’ve figured out if she goes to bed too late she gets them due to lack of sleep. once we explained to her that we should get to bed earlier so the nightmares won’t come, she’s been a more than willing bedtime partner.

a gentle scaring-your-children-to-bed never hurt. it feels so middle ages. so brother’s grimm.


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