a wish for the new year

i’m really excited to leave 2012 behind me. even years are always bad for me. odds are with me on the odds. i feel it brewing in me bones that 2013 is going to be a great year.

look, my life is the bomb diggity. i know that. i really, really know that. I believe it in a way today that i didn’t believe it 6 months ago…or even 2 months ago. but this year has been marked by pain, grief and anger and I’m just ready to move on and into a new year. because… i feel this positive energy out there in this “new year” future. i wanna step into it.

so i’m sending out a new year’s wish to the universe: let this next year be as flourishing, wonderful and fulfilling as it could possibly be. let’s just take it to the max. i’m really ready to go all in. i’m placing all my bets on happiness. there’s no other alternative.


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