radical support

“what if we were all just radically supportive of one another?”

i posed this question yesterday on facebook. it seems that it was well received. a friend posted a response of “I could be radically supportive if I was radically supported.” hmmm. that’s something to think about now isn’t it?

so why not? could we all at least give it a shot? it’s really not that hard. i feel that i was raised in a sort of natural cheerleader environment. i see it in my daughter, too. she’s naturally enthusiastic about whatever any one else is doing. i would like to believe she learned this from her father and i but whatevs. it’s there and that’s all that matters.

the thing is, i really REALLY believe in people. i do. i believe in leaps of faith. all kinds of faith.  and right now i just wonder how different everything could be if more of us started saying “you can do it” to each other. i have received this support countless times in the past few months and i can’t even begin to tell you the transformation it has ignited inside of me.

“you can do it” is now a mantra for the work i am doing. I have seen the difference a simple “i believe in you” sentence can have on a mother in her vulnerable birthing moments. the thing is…more of our moments could be birthing moments. we could be birthing new ideas, life goals, hobbies, movements a lot more if we began operating in a culture of support.

so why not? could we all at least give it a shot?

who do you admire right now? someone you know that you could contact in just a few minutes to say “i really believe in you” … “i admire your work” … “i see how much growth you’ve had and it’s been beautiful to watch” … any of those would do.

maybe 2013 will be my year of radical support…


2 thoughts on “radical support

  1. Radical support. Fundamental or extreme or both? Or in a mathmatical sense….root of the problem support. Any and all I favor. Some think radical means crazy or over the top. I see comments often using the term radical in a way that the writer seems to think its a good insult.
    I think I have even been counseled to rein in my own enthusastic (radical?) support at times as I was being labeled by an observer with a phrase that I felt complimented my cheering but not sure it was meant that way. I have since made an effort to refrain from exhuberant outbursts that may attract disdain but it takes so much restraint. If I can label my gushing as being radical support by joining this promotion I AM IN!!!!! I am definitely on the team if that’s an option to be boldly enthusiastic in my support. I sure do want to select you as my first person to give a shout out to say you can do it. You have demonstrated consistently ever since I have know you to do whatever it is you are determined to do and to do it well and to incorporate the efforts of others in the best possible ways. I am definitely on board to promote, deliver, encourage, support, modify, and extend radical support. Immediately, tomorrow next week, 2013 and beyond. Just clarify if there is one specific meaning of the word radical that applies. I will abide by the guidelines. And really, I don’t mind if some other party discounts my output of radical support…if you don’t. My favorite folks to support are those who have children, teach children, treat children and protect children. I think our world is at a turning point (tipping point?) to radically support such folks and I am so ready to join forces. GO for it!

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