i’m feeling just a bit overwhelmed over here. excuse me this, if you will.

there’s normal life stresses. there’s the list of things i want to be able to force myself to accomplish on the spot. then there’s the holidays. i don’t need to elaborate. you all know what i mean.

but on top of it all is the overwhelming emotion of this craziness that is happening all over our country.  i feel we’re a people united by the feeling that it’s almost just too much to take. a gandalfian voice keeps ringing in my head saying “how can we endure it?”

we are not naive enough anymore to think that this will never happen again. we know better. we will just wait until it happens again. and again. and again. and our hearts will break and we will wonder how we will endure it.

we know better than to think that it could never happen to us. the fact that 2 other men were arrested on the heels of the connecticut shooting for plotting the EXACT SAME THING means that this is reaching epidemic proportions.

how can we endure it?

i don’t have any answers. my for-the-moment solution is to just share my feelings of being overwhelmed by it all, of standing beside those of you who feel the pain and the fear and the disbelief, sharing my need to just crawl in bed tonight and have a good cry because i’ve been holding it back for days.

sometimes we need to just stand in that flux and flush our emotions before we start scrambling for a solution. good luck sorting through yours.

sending lots of love and positivity out there. huggie wuggies.


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