we had a pretty solid weekend around here: boot camp, successful prospective client meeting, our friend joe stayed with us, darla’s first school buddy birthday party, and family photos. and somehow i managed to get a lot done around the house. i love weekends like that.

soooo, working out makes it ok to eat whatever you want, right? burgers, pizza, biscuits and sausage gravy, ice cream and brown betty were all on my menu. i have a feeling it’s not going to get much better for the rest of the year. whatevs. we had some veggie curry and salad and stuff. i think it evens out. yeah.

mike love

i’m pretty excited about our family photos this year. looking forward to sending them out in a few weeks.

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


3 thoughts on “weekending

  1. I know! I originally thought i could just be too cool for school and not get into it but now i’m hooked. Because, guess what, it’s pictures i actually get to be a part of! Looking forward to seeing both sets of yours – i did see the graffiti sneak peek :)

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