blogbored confessional

hey guys,

so it’s been a bit slow here on the motivation and inspiration for the ol’ bloggy blog. i think it’s a combination of quite a few things: life spins outta control, busy schedules, self-doubt, feeling inauthentic, etc.

in all areas of my life i’ve felt like i’m running up hill all summer. in short, i haven’t felt like writing much so i haven’t. i haven’t felt like a source of positivity and authenticity for the past few months so i turned the flow of the blog faucet way down.

i’m sure i haven’t really ruined anyone’s life by not writing enough mundane posts for you to read.  i feel like i’m ready to start putting some goodness back out there, though. i hope you will join me again. it’ll be nice to have the company ;)


One thought on “blogbored confessional

  1. I for one am excited to know you are ready to post for us again. We look every day for an entry and always enjoy reading and of course viewing the photos!

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