wow. we actually had a weekend at home. and now imma blog about it.



we took part in a moustache contest at a baby shower. sadly we did not win, but that’s ok because the victor totally deserved his prize.


my girl learned how to swing herself. it’s bittersweet b/c it’s further reinforces the fact that she’s rapidly turning into a big kid but i’m also pretty happy because it means i get to sit down on a freaking park bench for once and just wave while she uses up some of her own energy.

another important playground development was darla’s first experience with oreos. she would use her nimble little fingers to peel off the white filling and then give me the cookies. i think it’s the beginning to a beautiful new relationship.


and we finished the weekend with an extremely under attended jonny corndawg and the almond brothers. these fellas are some mighty fine human beings. i like them a lot.


One thought on “weekending

  1. So excited about her swinging achievement….she looks very proud of herself and I know how much she enjoys any independence. Tell her that Grandma is pleased to know she’s getting to be such a big girl.

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