Pool Cool

We’re keeping cool at the pool today.


What about you? What are you doing to stay cool in this heatwave?


One thought on “Pool Cool

  1. Well….I have been completing online job aps, watching too much tv and sitting in my chair doing too much facebook. Last night when our power went out we took a brief ride to get ice cream and check out which areas had power and which did not. I wish we had a pool but even if we did the air is too hot out there to breath. Its’ only 99 here now….peaked at 100 and dropped…so am just praying that nature takes the turn the news says it will and cools us back to the normal 80’s for this time of year. I found a station with stories about national parks and many are in cold areas and programs showing the snow covered mountains, etc. and that helps. Watching it snow in Yellowstone at moment. Next…..into a cool shower and try to keep my hair damp rest of afternoon. Sandwiches and uncooked veggies with dip again for dinner. No heat producing gadgets being used….not even a candle last night during power outage. Ceiling fans all turning at top speed. Sipping icewater and crunching chipped ice. Once sun is close to setting I will haul out the hose and try to keep my poor wilting flowers from dying…….and perhaps soak myself as well.

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