what do you do during a heat wave? bake tons of goodies? turn the oven on for an hour?

sure. sure you do.

at least darla does. she’s been a big proponent of baked goods lately. the cuteness and hilarious conversations outweigh the temperature spike in the kitchen so it evens out.



batter face



joey lawrence like “whoa” when her ala mode was put in front of her



and of course some buff baking. in this session she waxed poetic about how much joy there is in baking. and then said “don’t forget to put in the love!” and that’s her blowing kisses into the cupcakes.

she didn’t really help that much with this batch because of the germ factor. she was relegated to spatula licking duties only.


3 thoughts on “bakehouse

  1. Oh what refreshment it is to read your blog and see her lovely face with so many happy expressions! As I sit here all wilted and worn out from the heat its like cool soothing air to see her joy. Please ask her to face west (from front porch I think….) and blow some love kisses to Granma and Granpa and tell her it will cool us off.

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