packing for nelsonville music festival


our tent is up airing-out in the garage and we’ve got the car packed. i am pretty amazed at the fact that we’re proactive about our trip to the Nelsonville Music Festival this year. i think we’re getting better at being grown-ups.

i’m really excited for the weekend. we’ve got good friends to hang with, some yummy food packed, the promise of absolutely gorgeous weather, and our destination spot is in the doorway of appalachia.

i have such found memories of our first Nelsonville Music Festival experience. darla was 16 months and she had a blast running up and down the pathways between the tents, just checking in on other folks’ campsites. i was having mini heart attacks that she was going to run right into someone’s campfire but that, of course, didn’t happen. momfearz.

hmmm maybe that should be momjeanz sister tumblr site. just a list of all the irrational momfearz i’ve had since darla was born. because every mom freaks out that she’s going to accidentally drop her child down a storm drain, right?

i digress.

anyway, the nelsonville fest holds a special place in my heart. i think it was the first time i said “you know what, ohio, you and i may have some things in common.” if you’re looking for a fun event for the weekend i highly suggest making the trip down. the music and food are sure to leave you fulfilled.

i also advise packing bubbles. mike and i brought bubbles the first year to keep D entertained and I ended up being some kind of bubble pied-piper. at least 50 kids swarmed and had a huge bubble party when i broke them out. yes, it was a good time.

let’s hope this year lives up. i look forward to sharing our photos with you when we return.


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