milk rotation

as if i don’t have enough on my plate i seem to think it is a good idea to over complicate things by having a schedule for our milk buying. yes, a schedule. it’s a dilemma people.

here’s our milk rotation:

snowville creamery – gets delivered to us in our green bean delivery. pros are that it is local, grass grazed, less pasteurized, very tasty. cons = not organic, packaged in cardboard which is not reusable even though it’s recyclable, a bit on the pricey side, and only available in 2% and whole. we lean towards 1%.

stay with me. it gets better.

hartzler dairy – this used to be our go to in the grocery but now our closest store doesn’t carry it since we moved. but i just saw that hartzler was added to green bean so now things are going to get even trickier. pros = grass fed, local, extremely tasty, packaged in glass deposit bottle that is reused. no waste home friendly. cons = priciest option and out of the way to obtain. also not organic. only available in skim, whole, and 2%. rats.

wait for it…

nature’s basket 1% and soy milk – this is what we now pick up when we run out in between our green bean delivery. i just juggle back and forth between cow’s milk and soy. i can’t make a decision. which one is more ethical? which one will save the world the most? which one is better for our bodayyyys? i can’t handle the pressure!!!!

ok anyway i’m bored with typing all these pros and cons out. you get my drift. you now see how this is completely insane that i actually put mental thought into these choices but sometimes i feel like the weight of the next 7 generations depends on which milk jug i choose. why? because of that damn 7th generation slogan, that’s why. and because i care goshdangitalltohell. because i really do believe that the products i buy today will effect tomorrow.

you know that lady who’s been standing in the milk aisle for 10 minutes just staring at the rows and rows of milk. that’s me. if you see me, for the love of Jove, please just pick up the carton closest to you and put it in my hand and then push me onward to more pressing matters.

this life of trials and tribulations is not for everyone, but it’s the path i’m destined to walk. don’t cry for me, Argentina.

*obviously this is a first world problem and i’m providing this little write-up for proof and parody that this way of life is insane. and i’m insane. we’re all insane. yes, even you. now go forth an do good deeds. be bold and mighty forces will come to your aide.


4 thoughts on “milk rotation

  1. I love how many milk options you have. I feel like we had more in the Northeast, but here so far it seems like it’s just the organic brands or the non-organic brands…though I did see a scribbly sign up at the independent health-food store that they get raw milk once a week and to “ask in back” for it. Scandalous! Straight from the udder!

  2. oh but lady, you got the juice! and you’ve pointed out that we ARE lucky to have so many choices. ohio is WONDERFUL about it’s local and organic food choices. i just feel overwhelmed by the fact that i let it get to my head. but it makes the funny, no? ummm it’s hilarious they have the ask in back signs. milk mafia.

  3. I think it is great that you are so concerned with your health and your milk buying! I saw your blog and just wanted to inform you more about what is different about Hartzler’s. Our cows are grass fed in the summer and in the winter they are fed dried hay, corn, and silage all grown on our own farms without herbicides or pesticides. I find it interesting that you think it is a ‘con’ to not be organic. We have been farming using organic methods since 1964. We just have not paid the government to come in and certify our milk as organic because it would increase the price of our milk so much more. Also, on our farms we do not buy organic seed, which is also very expensive but we buy seed that is not GMO. (If we were to be certified then we would have to actually buy organic seed which would also raise our costs). Even so, you can read more on our website or feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. Also, Hartzler’s milk is low-temperature vat pasteurized at 145 degrees for 30 minutes which is the closest to raw milk you will find on the shelf in a store in Ohio. All other dairies are High Temperature Short Time Pasteurized. We are so glad to be working with Green Bean and finally start to grow with them. Thanks for writing about us!

    • Tiffany, thank you! i am so happy to have this information. it makes me want hartzler even more now. i also want to mention that i get hartzler roll butter. we love it. soooo yummy! i love the less packaging aspect of the roll butter. i try to use butter instead of other fats/oils in cooking so the large quantity works well for us. and thanks for working with green bean. it will make it that much easier for me to have hartzler in our house weekly.

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