dear salty sailor,


sometimes i get so sad that you are missing moments like these. darla was helping me put away laundry. she was doing a good job. since most of the laundry was hers she was capable of putting it all away and took great pleasure in helping me. she came across one of my shirts, stripped down and put it on declaring “i want to wear this and be just like you.” then she made up a little help mommy song as she went about her chore. i love her and i love these moments. i love those pigtails that are crooked from boisterous play. this kind of lifestyle is very challenging at times but i’m so lucky for these bits. and i’m overcome with sadness that you are not here for it. i’m sorry if i haven’t caught enough of them for you.

here’s just a few things that have tumbled out of the girl’s mouth lately:  she looked over her shoulder the other day at her bum and said “mommy, don’t i have such a big booty?” I was explaining how something works and she said “i really catch your drift mom.”  the last one that i remember was right before we went over for dinner with the neighbors. Darla wanted to bring her blanket so I was making sure she understood that if she took it over she couldn’t be territorial and had to be willing to share. I said “i’m afraid you will get upset and cry if one of the girls wants to play with your blanket. how do you feel about that?” and she looked me dead in the eye and replied “no, i wouldn’t do that. i would feel very proud if someone played with it.” true to her word, she took it over and it wasn’t an issue.

we miss you so much. thank you for the life you provide us.

love love lovesick love,



3 thoughts on “dear salty sailor,

  1. I love it that we also get to see these posts. Thanks for sharing with us when you send out to Mike. We are continuously amazed and entertained by her quips. I am looking forward to her next visit and will call you tonight or tomorrow about a little bit of altering on the pickup…..

  2. she is a hoot! love their little sentences at age 3…. so much fun hearing them tell us about the world in their perspective. we are so blessed!

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