friday smiles

we’re finishing up a very good week here and looking forward to an equally good weekend. some things that have made me smile around here today:

our flowers of the week darla picked out


watching darla excitedly tear open her invitation to be a flower girl in cousin’s wedding. she’s pretty jazzed.

IMG_2107watching a girl figure out things for herself successfully.


finally getting around to baking this super easy bread. mixed, proofed and baked all in one pot. sooo delicious.


playing dumb so darla can have the joy of the “see food” joke multiple times over.


seeing a practical joke gift received well and messages from friends :)

i’m also thankful for about 4 going on 5 hours of the girl being happy to play and occupy herself while i sort through summer plans, bills and responsibilities that have been neglected. maybe this is my reward for putting aside my duties and crying my way through The Rescuers with her last night.

but mostly i’m smiling about the concert tickets purchase, the friends we’ll be festivaling with, and the family with which i get to spend traveling around this country for one crazy upcoming summer.

F-R-I-D-A-Y! WHAT’S THAT SPELL? FRIDAY!!! commence banging on the side of the bus.


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