we dropped mike off at the port o’ air this morning. he has set his sails for Japan. and i’m actually feeling quite ok about this departure. we feel more settled than ever before and it makes it somewhat easier to say goodbye and take on this home life by my lonesome.

we had a nice dinner out as a send off for dad. we had a perfect final day together. here’s one last pic of daddy and daughter together:


Mike is drawing pictures for darla while we wait for our food. she is already missing her dada.


and here we are as a twosome. just us two for the next three months.


One thought on “gone

  1. please tell me you skipped a few days of the pill while mikey was home. ;) just kidding. I know you are patiently waiting….. as are we….. we are ready for a foursome. You girls look beautiful! Excited to read about your adventures over these next three months!

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