weekend view


breakfast spot

child labor laws

nom nom

love is art. art is love.



decor gazing

too cold to smile

scioto mile holidaze

festive socks

moments from the weekend: 1. making breakfast with darla. occupy ladder.  2. child labor laws or no child labor laws, i take help when i can get it.  3. don’t tell me what to do! sign from a visit to columbus museum of art  4. clay art made for me by hubster and daughtster  5. animal building at columbus museum of art  6. she’s pretty pleased with herself for climbing up where she’s not supposed to  7. she looks sweet but she’s really formulating a plan to rip my decorations down. i know this because she told me so right afterward.  8. too cold to smile.  9. pretty holiday brightness at scioto mile  10. breaking out my festive socks purchased in LA. keeping me warm in style and reminding me of warmer days.

can i now narrate some of my favorite moments of the weekend to you? what was that? you’re too busy? it’ll only take a minute.


one of my favorite things about having a girl is that if you throw a coupla tutus into the mix it turns any mundane task into a party. while folding laundry darla marched in with tutus and asked that i put one on, too. you know i never turn down a tutu, so i put it on then put the nutcracker suite on and soon i was pirouetting from drawer to drawer filing laundry away and having a blast. probably the most fun i’ve had doing housework evah.

the columbus museum of art was our playground for about two hours sunday. mike hadn’t been there in years and this was his first time with darla. our visit was soundtracked by school choirs singing christmas carols in the hall upstairs and it was sooooo cool. darla actually paid attention to the paintings and stayed with us for 90% of the time.

CMA really impresses me. besides the kids interactive zone on the first floor, they have interactive stations in all the galleries. plus they offer free admission on sundays. there’s really no excuse for not exposing the wee one with the set up at CMA.

we all put together an impressionist puzzle using the real piece as our reference model. and having the added bonus of the place sounding like a rehearsal of the vienna boys choir is going to be hard to live up to in the future. i will want it to sound like angels every time we go back. oh well.

around dusk we loaded up, grabbed hot chocolate and headed to the scioto mile. the city has the park all decked out in lights. we sat on a swing sipping our cocoas while darla pointed out different things she saw: helicopters, planets, cell phone towers, etc. we strolled down to where the fountains run in the summer and as soon as we made it to the open area WHAM!’s “last christmas” started up on the sound system. i hope i will never forget the three of us dancing to wham in the twinkly twilight, free and without a care.

it was a good weekend. how much more holidayness can we pack in this next week? we shall see….


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